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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5 Worst 2012 Cars

5 Worst Cars In 2012 - As a continuation of the post on 5 Best Car 2012 that in the post some time ago, this time it will be equipped with a list of the worst cars in 2012. This list is a new product or models of products that have been there before. Just a list of the best car in 2012 ago, 5 worst cars of 2012 is the result of reports from Customer Reports on MSN Auto. To the point! Here is a list of the 5 worst cars of 2012, sorted as written on MSN Auto. Is your car included in these cars? Please feel free to read carefully! 5 Car List Worst In 2012 1. Nissan Versa Sedan Worst car in 2012 - nissan versa sedan Nissan Versa Sedan In the first place there is the Nissan Versa sedan. In relative terms this is a luxurious and comfortable vehicle for the size of a small car. Previous generation Versa subcompact sedan that gets a high score in a variety of penilaia. However, the new design is actually output by 2012 Versa sedan scored a drastic plunge. On the bright side only thrifty fuel and rear seat that feels relieved. But the interior look new model seems very cheap, very noisy engine, acceleration is slow, and unsteady while driving. But for the Versa hatchback is not a recent redesign of the car is different and better. 2. Range Rover Evoque worst cars of 2012 Range Rover Evoque Range Rover Evoque With an amazing style and eye-catching, this new crossover SUV has invited a lot of admiration. Everyone loved it because of the rapid acceleration, enough fuel-efficient, and well-designed cabin. But the key points are not able to cover a lot of weaknesses, including a rigid cabin, control as choppy, and the steering feels artificial. In the control test as a hazard, the car is getting a bad score. And the sweetness of style spit practical considerations, which result in the display, steering wheel position, and control dikompromosikan. 3. Scion iQ Worst car in 2012 - Scion IQ Scion IQ The new IQ city car is approximately the size of a Smart ForTwo. It is easy to maneuver and parked. And that's all the good things in this car. Since the acceleration of the car IQ is difficult, uncomfortable seating, the cabins were hoarse, shaky steering and ride Buckboard strip that looks funny. Bakarpun mileage material quite wasteful for the size of small cars. Overall, IQ is one of the cars with the lowest score were tested by MSN Auto in 2012. 4. Toyota Yaris Worst car in 2012 - Toyota Yaris Toyota Yaris The original Yaris hatchback model to score 52 of 100 points in a road test by MSN Auto. But it's still better than the model redesign in 2012 that dropped to 41 points. This hatchback car spartan cabin regale you are "crowded", seats are not comfortable, and the interior look cheap impressed. This car also has a slow acceleration and control choppy and uncomfortable. The only thing that can be considered good is the use of highly efficient fuel. 5. Volvo XC90 Worst car in 2012 - Volvo XC90 Volvo XC90 Last refresh of the model XC90 can be said to be too small, and too late. SUVs are still letting a lot of parts that do not get change for a long time, 10 years, while its competitors have been more better. Inline 6-cylinder engine as the lack of blood and thirst for fuel. Control is less agile, the steering is stiff, and features in-car elektromik ancient. So that makes the XC90 get ranked lowest in the luxury SUV class. Thus the list of the worst cars in 2012 based on customer reporting on MSN Auto. Good list of the best car in 2012 or even the worst car in 2012 could be a material consideration in choosing the car you want to buy.